Membership Management System

A complete web based solution to manage memberships

like Registration, Renewal, Attendance, and manay more features

One time purchase, There is No monthly or yearly subscription

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About Membership Management System

Membership Management System is a web based application

It can be used at Gym, Karate, Boxing and any other type Clubs, where Member of clubs has to subscribe for Daily, Monthly, Quarterly or yearly membership plans.

It is has all features to Register new members, Renew old memberships, isuue entry cards with barcode on it, update prices anytime, generate different type of reports.

It can be integrated to your other systems, or we can make any kind of changes for you

Any new module can also be added if required and we also provide support.


There are many features some main features are given below.
Responsive Design

It can be used at PC, Tablet and phone.

Multi Language

English and Arabic interface langaues.


Easy registration of new members.

Emirates ID

During registration information can be fetched from Emirates ID.


Renewal of existing membership.

Reissue new membership card

New cards can be issued in case a card is lost.

Payment & Receipts

Payment details on registration renewal or reissue, and receipts can also be printed.


Only valid members can enter and mark attendance.

Barcode checkin

Members attendance can be marked easily by scanning barcode in his/her card.

Packages and Prices

Packages can be added dynamically and prices can also be modified anytime.


Registration, Renewal, resissue, attendance and financial reports can be generated easily.

Support & Customization

We have technical and support team to provice you ongoing service as per your need.


Below are few screenshots of application.

Why choose us

Membership Management System is best and unique because of below features.

Only One Time Payment

Unlike others there is no monthly or yearly subscription, nor there is any limit on scans.
Pay only once and it is yours for lifetime, and you can use without any fear.

Custom App for you only

We will develop a custom application for you 100% based on your requirements not like a generic application which do not cover all your requirements

Future Support

I can give paid support anytime to make your upcoming modifications if needed, while generic applications are not only for you so those you can not modifiy as per your needs.