Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 07-Oct-2022
  1. On purchasing any edition or version of Alam Eid Reader application all these terms and conditions apply on you
  2. The pruchasing price is just for product it do not include any support, installation service, maintenance or customization, until you have additional agreement of any specific service.
  3. Normally this applicaiton comes with per PC license, means you can install and activate the application license on any PC it will not be able to re-install on any other PC, instead you can reinstall it on same PC and re-activate any number of times in case of windows re-installation or normal uninstall, It will work for same PC untill that PC HDD, Processor, Mainboard are not changed.
  4. Once installed on any PC the license can not be transfered to any other PC in any case, the only solution is you have to purchase another license
  5. You can purchase and activate anytime, it will work for lifetime there is no duration for license from my side, (but there is no guarranty if there is any limitation from SDK side, if they stopped it will not come under my responsibility. I may volunteerly share updated sdk in that case with all my clients).
  6. This product is based on sdk, I am not saling SDK after installation you can replace your own sdk files.
  7. You will be using the product under normal environment, means you will not try to crack it, or run any other kind of malicious activity to decode or reverse engineer it, In that case if it acted back and made any harm to you, your PC or other files that would be your own responsibility.
  8. The application may periodically verify the license if it is online you should not have issue with that
  9. You have to approx. monthly visit these terms and conditions if there is any new update.